First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Writing is therapeutic to me. It’s my safe haven, since becoming a mum i hardly have time to scribble down my thoughts, experiences,what’s bothering me etc it’s so surreal when i get views, likes comments from my posts. This is how i get through my very hard days. ..

Yummy chicken, sick tummy🤢

it’s 00:53, everyone is asleep, I’m awake. The bad taste in my mouth, bad feeling in my tummy, frequent visits, vomiting has me watching despicable m3 into late night.

After a fun wonderful Friday with the family, we went to one of Nairobi’s most famous eat out, had some chicken and fries i devoured that food like no one’s watching. Talked with the fam and generally had a great time. We all called it a night, said goodnights and we were on our way home. Waking up Saturday morning my tummy wasnt alright but i ignored it. Went on with my business until yesterday in the morning when i was woken up with a rush. You get me.

What a bad start to my day. Luckily baby was still sleeping. Laundry had to be cleaned i gathered all my mummy strength and did what i could until i was too weak to get everything done.

Anyways, it was a loong day!! Got this tablets that i feel even worse once i take them. I hope by morning i will be better. Reminds me of the last time i had food poisoning i was 6 months into my journey ate some refrigerated food somewhere and surprising I’m the only one who got sick.

ION: She is teething.. second pair of teeth popping out 🤗🤗 it’s a rollercoaster but beautiful

Readers, wish me quick recovery…

This year…

I’m not going to call it resolutions, so overrated. The following is my 2018 bucket list

  1. Be a better mom, partner, daughter, sister and friend.
  2. Graduate,
  3. Find a job
  4. Make a mat!!
  5. Own my own domain
  6. Slay, slay,slay!! namaslay sister!!! Prrrr
  7. Get em peruv or Brazilian 😜
  8. 52 weeks challenge definitely embarked
  9. Blog more with a set deadline
  10. Replace my stolen laptop (i use my phone to write) 😢
  11. Read a whole book 📖, it’s been too long
  12. Get closer and closer to God.
  13. Atleast travel to the coast (never been there before)
  14. Start and complete a DIY project
  15. Blog my 28th -31st march stor

I have faith in myself,half if not all of that list by 31st Dec i ll have completed it. Once my mind is set, it’s hard to change it.

Someone said we speak things into existence. ….


Oh what an year!! First before anything else, i thank the lord and tell him thank you almighty. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his mighty love and protection.

This year had a lot of blessings,

  • I was blessed with a daughter, so beautiful and a happy soul
  • Safe delivery
  • Good health
  • God’s protection
  • My family, their health and well-being
  • New family members
  • Safe journey mercies whenever i travel.

And many many more.

I don’t anything for granted, it the grace of the almighty.

Life is too short, its soo sad we are loosing people over accidents, this festive season has had so many accidents it’s chilling and really scary. Treat yourself right, do what you want most, laugh over nothing, be happy happt very happy,hold no grudges, do that thing you always put off, be strong. This life, uh, too short …



Ever since i was always so afraid of meeting my in laws, always wondering if they will like me, how will we get along? When should i talk? What should I say?. Always filled with insecurities. I never really wanted that day to come when i will have to meet them. Generally I’m a shy person, prefer my own company, i don’t do well with crowds and gathering and i would rather avoid all that.

The first time i met my first born sister in law, Ruth, it was so natural almost unbelievable! I fell in love with her instantly. She is so wonderful, caring and i love her. God bless you Ruth. You’re a blessing to many. Julliet,oh wow, she’s such a gem 💎 we used to talk on the phone alot before we met, i was so anxious filled with uncertainty. Needless to say, we connected instantly, i felt free and comfortable around her not my usual “what should i say now” or looking for any story from my mind to keep the conversation going, it just flowed and always do. I love her and she’s so wonderful God bless her beautiful heart.

I feel so blessed i have 4 big sisters in my life. My most beautiful biological big sister and my 3 sisters in love. I mean how wonderful is that, whenever i need advice i have all those sisters to run to. Knowing my biological would go to war for me. I pray that the good Lord will always bless their good hearts and their families, and my friendship with them will always be as good and strong .

My highs and lows in motherhood

The good days when it’s all sunshine and rainbows, the bad days i want to curl up in bed.


  1. Definitely when i gave birth to her
  2. Her first smile
  3. Hearing her laugh every day warms my ♥ ♥
  4. Every milestones that she achieve is a huge deal for me.
  5. When she finishes her food is a high too!! Haha
  6. Every single day she wakes up,, healthy, happy as ever
  7. Her little kisses all over my Face (not sure to call it kisses basically cleaning me up with Saliva)
  8. Soiled diaper change! Oh yes, I’m very happy when she poops
  9. Definitely the 1 hr and 30 minutes i went shopping alone. It felt so good but i missed my baby so much i practically ran home


  1. Whenever baby is unwell
  2. Dealing with a cranky baby is soo hard
  3. Exhaustion, lack of sleep
  4. The immunization injection 😥
  5. Locia that lasted 2 month

Well i bet i have many highs than lows and that’s a good thing 😊


What comes to your mind when someone says “i got pregnant accidentally” girl.. did you trip and fall on a man? Unplanned is something you’re not expecting in the near future unwanted you do not want it at all, like oh no no no, got to get rid of this ASAP.

Well, my pregnancy was unplanned, my plan was to have a baby not in the near future and in the right way. The right way meaning, complete campus and graduate,get a job, mean while be dating, get engaged, marriage then baby… But everything happened the way things were going to turn out anyways, so complete school ✖️ graduate ✖️job ✔️.Yes, i worked as a secretary during one of my long holidays and after my industrial attachment.

Needless to say when i found i was expecting i was so confused and terrified, full of uncertainty. I know probably at this point you’ll ask yourself then why didn’t you use protection? It was used alright but it botched on me big time!!! FAILED in bold and capital…. was out for some fun yes, things went down how they went and she happened and honestly I’m glad it did. Cause i never knew my life was so boring and empty then i had her and she completes me wholly.

“Friends” who no longer are given the title adviced me the best thing was to terminate. I was so so very confused, but i knew that was definitely not an option. I seeked refuge in the Lord. One day as i was taking my lunch, so stressed and absent minded, a very good friend of mine, a lady whose the church is her home came to me and asked me why I’m i so stressed, i asked her how do you know I’m stressed? She said, yesterday i dreamt about you, that there’s some tough decisions you need to make in your life, and God told me to pray for you to make the right decision. I knew what i had to do, called my then boyfriend now husband and told him I’m keeping our baby! And he was supportive.

Mine was unplanned but definitely wanted. I look at her and I’m glad i made a wise decision, she will be a woman of substance and I’ll always be proud of her. Being a mother at 21 doesn’t side track all my future plans, I’m still going to fulfill each and every of them and very lucky my baby girl will be a witness to it all.


She’s 6 months already!!! ðŸ’ƒ

Unbelievable! Just the other day i thought i would die of all the pain i went through now she’s fully sitting without support, pulling herself with her stomach in an attempt to crawl. So surreal when all this milestones happen right in front of my eyes and I’m the very first person who has the privilege to notice! Isn’t God just so awesome! A baby born completely helpless fully relaying on Others slowly and slowly they learn to do things and it happens so gradually it would slip by you

Well, it hasn’t been a smooth ride either, sometimes i want to pull off my hair literally out of frustration and most times I’m completely full and so happily in love with Miss little sunshine. We begun weaning last week with porridge (familia baby weaning flour) at first she took it so well gave me so much hope but lately it’s a struggle. Tried butternut squash puree and it was rejected from the first bite. Moved swiftly to banana puree same case to the porridge, well received then later bored by it. Ripe bananas also rejected!

Is my baby a poor feeder or i should just try many other type of foods?? This kind of situation stress me up. Seems like she just wants mummy’s warm sweet milk. Anyways I’m going to keep on trying. Meanwhile I’m dealing with my own fears and anxiety of moving to a new place not knowing how my little one is going to take the change. Especially because i know she will miss her two very incredible grandparents who make her soooo happy. You should see her looking at the door every evening waiting for her grandpa to come in then she excitedly start to push herself up and down laughing and screaming with joy! Oh wow! It almost wants to make me not want to leave! I fear she will miss them soo much but we will have to go.

I’m patiently waiting for those teeth to pop out and hope that they will not give her a hard time. She is always on the move and i love it place her somewhere and she will have changed positions on her own. Do even get me started on changing her diaper which almost takes an hour to change.

As I’m waiting for her to Officially start crawling and those two teeth to pop, let me get back to change 5-6 dirty diapers a day! It means the little food I’m feeding her is satisfying her! I’m glad.

Over and out

Moms have yourself a lovely weekend of diaper changes and wipes